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ANIMALE restaurant delivers a lifestyle full-service restaurant and bar, offering progressive American cuisine with flavors from the Mediterranean.

Committed to providing a world class dining experience with unique ambiance and atmosphere, our objective is to enable our guests to use all their senses for a nostalgic and unforgettable dining experience, not only from our food & beverage and overall feel of the space transformed.

Expect to have your senses tantalize from the whiff of aroma from our wood fired oven and feel the energy of our chefs meticulously preparing the meal. 

ANIMALE embraces social dining experience filled with energy with focus on lifestyle dining concept. The integration of new American approach to Mediterranean cuisine will unveil you to a more diverse possibilities of techniques and food concepts to the already well known cuisine, instead of being shackled by the boundary of traditional concepts. Very much like America, a balance of melting pot of cultures, but with a focus on Mediterranean flavors. 

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Upon arrival you will immerse into  our ‘Habitat’ inspired interior. From the welcoming ‘ocean’, our guests journey to the ‘land’ where ANIMALE transports you to a warm surroundings highlighted by the use of plenty raw stone material, enriched by accents of woods slats on the ceiling and illuminated by a warm light creates that intimate feel. An al fresco ‘mountain’ themed area serves as smoking seating area with magnificent view.

Our venue allows guests to enjoy their meal at 3 distinctive spaces. Our bar/lounge, main dining room and al fresco. And for those who require an added seclusion and private gathering away from public eyes, ANIMALE also offers 3 VIP rooms that can be booked to accommodate such requests. 


ANIMALE embraces the idea of great food packed in shareable small dishes to evoke the energy of social dining experience. Showcasing our wood burning oven in the dining room, allows you to hover in and join the action.

We cure our own charcuterie selection as well as some variety of dry aged steaks being done in house and exposed to the guests. We only serve house made pasta creations, displaying the pasta machine in the main dining room.

We follow Chef Andri’s philosophy of creating an innovative dishes, some with interactive and memorable dining experience. What you will see will not always what it seems. Overall, the originality is what guests will tie the brand to in their subconscious and therefore coming back for more

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